Trash Dumpster Rental, Roll Off Dumpster Rental, Residential Dumpster, Commercial Dumpster, and Dumpsters for Foreclosures In Houston, Cypress, Conroe, Tomball, Katy, Cleveland, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Dumpster Rental

At Dump That of Texas, our goal is to offer our customers in Houston, Tomball, Cypress, TX, Cleveland, Katy, Conroe, TX, and surrounding areas low prices for anyone seeking to rent a dumpster featured in our catalog. Regardless of what dumpster sizes and styles you need, you will find one here for an affordable rate.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental

A roll-off dumpster is a large waste container without a lid. The roll-off dumpster’s enormous size and open design make it ideal for large-scale renovation and construction projects requiring you to constantly offload heavy debris.

When you schedule a roll-off dumpster rental from Dump That of Texas, you will find options in several sizes and designs, each built to hold varying types and amounts of debris.
Cypress, TX Dumpster Rental Client

Construction Dumpster Rental

The alternative to having a reliable large-scale dumpster at your construction site is to deal with debris hazardously placed throughout your work zone or fill hundreds of small trash bags and cans with your waste. No thanks! Our construction dumpster rental service gives you the easy way out, offering waste containers built for large amounts of debris plus the heavy wear and tear attached to a construction site.

Residential Dumpster Rental & Dumpster for Foreclosure

If you need a commercial dumpster for foreclosure preparations, massive home renovations, or any other residential project, look no further than Dump That of Texas.

Our residential dumpster rentals make your home projects a breeze. We offer roll-off dumpsters large enough to hold whatever trash and home debris you’re looking to offload but small enough to fit comfortably on your property without blocking the road.

Dumpster Rental and Dumpster for Foreclosure in Houston, TXCommercial Dumpster Rental

Dump That of Texas offers commercial dumpster rental to fit several business needs. Whether seeking a temporary dumpster to hold debris for a business remodel or a semi-permanent waste container to maintain your trash flow, our team has quality options and affordable rates for varying sizes.

Dumpster Rental Popular Sizes

15 Yard Dumpster and 20 Yard Dumpster

The two most popular sizes of roll-off dumpsters are 15 and 20 yards. Therefore, Dump That of Texas offers quality, durable models in both sizes.

Our 20-yard options are perfect for business dumpster rental. These roll-off dumpsters hold up to three tons of waste, so if you’re looking to clean out an expansive office space, they’ll have enough room to store your debris. Alternately, 15-yard dumpsters are ideal for smaller-scale projects on properties that cannot accommodate a large dumpster.